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Principal's Message

“Education, is not merely bookish. Educating a childmeans educating his mind, body and soul. Dream high, my children, as PIS will educate you to achieve the zenith of glory”.

The aim of school education is theall round development of the child. In the present scenario, the child is not only supposed to succeed academically but his overall personality must also be developed to its fullest. He should become a global citizen.The teaching-learning process should be such that the teacher and the taught both are active participants in the school environment.

Here, at Paragon International School, the teaching will be child oriented. The child will be at the centre stage of all learning process . To achieve this, we practice co-operative learning . This concept develops higher order thinking skills, critical thinking and oral communication skills among the students.

Our focus will be equally divided between academics and co-curricular activities. The moral and aesthetic development of the child will also be taken care of. Under our aegis, each and every personaof child’s personality will be explored and developed to its full potential.

I assure you dear parents, that PIS will give your children the wings to fly, wings that will spread out wide, so that they may emerge triumphant in their endeavours.


Mrs Manjit Kaur Sidhu

– Principal

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The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education. Martin Luther King, Jr. Paragon family aims at all round development of the child, wherein stress will not only be laid on studies but also on character building. Education forms the very basis of personality development. A good education clubbed with co-curricular activities will help in the child's overall development.
The logo depicts a book spreading out light. It gives out the simple yet effective message that one's life can be illuminated only through basking in the glorious light of knowledge. One should have the courage to think differently, courage to invent, to travel the unexplored path, courage to discover the impossible and to succeed. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam The motto of Paragon International School, 'Explore, Learn, Triumph' is based on this ideology of Dr. Kalam. EXPLORE- Motivating students to think on their own , making them explorers of new things hence paving a way for innovative thinking. LEARN- In the process of making new innovations , the students end up learning a lot of new concepts thus expanding their horizons. TRIUMPH- The students will be persuaded to pave along the less trodden path , to work hard and to emerge triumphant in everything they pursue.
The objectives set up by the Paragon family are realistic and time bound. Education within the reach of common man. Develop qualities that make the children global citizens. Instill in them, compassion for all, the poor and downtrodden. Respect for the state , country, religion and cultures. Teach them to be selfless and help others whenever required. Help them value their freedom and use it properly. We aim at making a transformation in the present day society. The students will be taught to follow principles set up by the constitution of India( social justice, equality, freedom, respect for religions). Discipline is the means by which a child learns to conduct himself in a righteous manner. We at Paragon, aim at inculcating discipline among our students from the very beginning.
TEACHER:CHILD RATIO Individual attention is necessary at every stage of learning. It is achieved through a proper teacher to child ratio. We at Paragon, make sure that teachers know the strengths and weaknesses of each child so that they can coordinate with the parents to work on it. TEACHER AS A GUIDE AND FACILITATOR The role of teacher has undergone quite a change during recent times. The modern day teacher is a mentor and a companion. He guides the students in each aspect of their lives, from academics to personality issues. CO-OPERATIVE LEARNING We at Paragon, emphasise on cooperative learning. Herein the students will be made to sit in groups and a problem will be given to them. They will be prompted to think of all possible solutions and discuss it among themselves. After group discussion, ideas will be discussed with the teacher and conclusions are drawn. This method prompts the students to think more all by themselves and evoke their creative minds. PLAY WAY METHOD For our cocoons, caterpillars and butterflies, teaching will be a fun activity. The teaching method will include different games so that students stay interested and enjoy the learning process. CHILD ORIENTED ENVIRONMENT The environment at Paragon will be completely child oriented. We believe that "Child is at the centre stage of all learning process" . With this child centred ideology we aim at providing an conducive environment for all round development of the child. EMPHASIS ON MORAL DEVELOPMENT "A good character is the stepping stone to success". Paragon family will induce sound moral development into the child by inculcating values through various activities and counselling sessions. WORKSHOPS AND SEMINARS Time to time workshops and seminars will be held for parents and teachers . This will ensure proper coordination among them which wil inturn prove beneficial for the child's growth. DIET PLAN A daily diet plan will be provided to all students in their diary so that their diet is balanced.
MUSIC / DANCE STUDIO To inculcate interest in co-curricular activities a well equipped studio is available in the school premises. The studio boasts of a huge screen with projector andproper music system. CONFERENCE HALL A state of the art conference hall with mike facility.It will be used for meetings among parents, teachers and management. Students will be regularly visiting the conference hall to enhance their listening and speaking skills. MEDICAL FACILITY Keeping in view the health of the students, a well qualified nursewill be available in the school to care for the students. CCTV CAMERAS In each class CCTV cameras are installed to monitor the child's activities. VRF TECHNOLOGY Paragon international school is centrally air conditioned along with VRF technology wherein temperature will be controlled centrally.