Affiliated to CBSE (NEW DELHI) | Affiliation Code – 1631301

Beyond Books

Guidance & Councelling

To facilitate the holistic development of our students without any obstacle of physical disabilities, learning disabilities and behaviourial problems on account of exposure to media, the school ensures that our students get regular guidance from a professional. For the same, the school has appointed a counsellor who guides our students, teachers and parents. Earnest effort is made by us to help our students in making the most appropriate career choices. Career Counselling Workshops are conducted for the students and parents by a trained professional.

Physical Well Being

The physical well-being of our students is our priority. To ensure the same, we conduct a General Health Check-up twice a year. Besides this, Dental and Eye check-up are also conducted in the school. A Health Card with details about the health record is issued to every student at the end of the session. We keep ourselves well-informed about the health of every student through the Medical form which is submitted by the parents in the beginning of the session. If any student suffers from any serious health problem like Asthma, Diabetes etc., the respective class-teachers and subject-teachers are intimated accordingly. The parents are informed regularly to keep a check on the eating habits of their wards. In case of emergency, the school has a tie-up with nearby hospitals, to ensure safety of our children.

'No' to Junk Food

Paragon International School makes every possible effort to inculcate good habits. For the same, the school follows a strict tiffin schedule which completely discourages junk food. Even the school canteen offers only juice and milk. We leave no stone unturned to ensure physical well-being of our students.


We hold profound belief in the adage, “Cleanliness is next to godliness”. Extra care is taken by us to ensure cleanliness in and outside the school campus. Cleanliness of the building is exemplary. The washrooms are checked, for cleanliness, by our faculty after every hour. The teacher Floor In-charge gives a regular report about cleanliness and maintenance of the classrooms and corridors.

Personal & Social Education

At Paragon International School we attach great importance to the identification and achievement of personal goals; we lay special stress on planning, implementation and evaluation of decisions; developing self-esteem; managing stress and coping with change and conflict-traits that are essential in self-management skills and that underpin a healthy and active lifestyle. Through participation in classroom interactions, sporting, recreational and other physical activities, students develop and practise these skills. Students who possess sound self-management skills are better able to identify and avoid potential health risks, enhance their mental health and well being, as well as plan for their future. Effective interpersonal skills are also essential for participation in meaningful and fulfilling relationships in family, school, recreation, work and community contexts. Interpersonal skills such as assertive communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, cooperation and leadership enable students to act responsibly and contribute effectively to groups and teams. Training in these areas is part of the personal development programmes at the School.